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Picture of Common Skin Problems in Children

Common Skin Problems in Children

Parents should consult a dermatologist immediately for skin problems in their children.

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Picture of Hypospadias


Little baby boys pass urine like a fountain. Small lads can stand and pass urine straight with an ability to point the stream where they want, like a fire-man’s hose. This is possible because the urine comes out of the opening at the tip of the penis. In boys with hypospadias, the opening is located on the under surface of penis. Because of this the urine is deviated downwards towards their feet.

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Some say why go for a laparoscopic appendicectomy, when you can have it removed by a micro incision

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Picture of Neck Mass- Thyroglossal Cyst

Neck Mass- Thyroglossal Cyst

Clinically, the uncomplicated cyst typically moves cranially with swallowing and protrusion of the tongue.

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Picture of Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn babies learn to recognize the familiar sounds in their home in their first few months of life. Baby if can’t hear the sound, can’t speak, profound hearing loss can lead to dumbness

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Picture of Umblical Hernia

Umblical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is a protrusion of abdominal contents at the umbilicus, or belly button. It is caused by a failure of the umbilical ring to completely close over once the umbilical cord has withered away and fallen off.

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Picture of Undecsended Testis

Undecsended Testis

Undescended Testis is seen in 30% of boys born before date (preterm). In such cases it is very likely that testis can descend by itself in 3-6 months time.

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