Choose to be healthy, To become Healthy

Choose to be healthy, To become Healthy


Our choices are ruled by too many things that influence our thinking.  Not just our food but even what we think or should think is at times indicated by others. We are practically given charge of our own self to people and things around us and then fumble on our way to success.

When we choose wisely, we rarely fail. It is extremely important that we have adequate knowledge of how to get healthy by choosing the right foods, eating them in the right way at the right time.

We are unique and are designed as such by the Almighty. And hence it’s in our hands to respect this individuality. It may sound a little conservative when I would say, ‘my body speaks to me’. But it surely is true, not only for me a bit for all of you equally. We have defended ourselves to the words of our inner self that come time and again to guide us and help us to correct our choices. Distractions around us can so easily sway us off from listening to the guidance that is for our own good.

A yummy delight, an inviting aroma of food, just a visual like a hoarding/picture of food, attraction to what is served on the next table, a past memory of delicacy eaten, peer pressure, and many more reasons can contribute to distraction in our food choice. But what contributes to an appropriate selection is what we genuinely feel about our choice of food. Given the learning about food groups, what they contribute in terms of energy, proteins, fats, and other macro and micronutrients, we should now be able to influence our food choices.


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