Current Trends In Machine Learning

Current Trends In Machine Learning

‘Machine learning’ is a much talked about topic today and we see its implications in many sectors. Companies like Google and Uber are incorporating the machine learning concept in their core technology. It’s time that you too take advantage of it for your business. You need to know about the latest trends in machine learning to understand its applications.

Assistance during pandemic

We all are stuck in a pandemic and trying our best to find a solution to survive through this difficult time. Machine learning is helping us in this dreadful situation in many ways. In China, Singapore, and other places, thermal cameras and infrared technology are used to read the temperatures of people entering public transport or other busy places.  As people are staying home most of the time and ordering food and other necessary items online, robots are often used by many companies for contactless delivery.

AI analysis

The time series analysis using machine learning has become helpful in the artificial intelligence field. Using this technique, it is possible to analyze massive data that can help business managers to make important business decisions. Machine learning is used to create statistical models that allow managers to work with structural data. This type of analysis can make very accurate forecasts about business trends.

Reinforcement learning

In reinforcement learning, the machine uses deep learning techniques to teach itself. It starts by acting randomly, then makes a logical pattern of the actions performed through experience. Many researchers suggest that this machine learning concept may be the future of artificial intelligence.

In this technique, no instructions are given; the machine starts randomly and the operator gives reward or punishment for the specific action taken. The results are fed back to the machine and learn how to maximize its rewards. This technique can help to simulate the human’s creative mind in machines. Chatbots that help you to book a ticket or make an appointment with the doctor are examples of applications of reinforcement learning.

Biometric security solutions

Biometric verification is now getting popular for security purposes. Machine learning can be used to compare large sets of data for biometric security solution purposes. With machine learning, you will be able to carry on the task quickly and accurately. A recent application of this can be seen in Amazon’s Alexa which can recognize voice based on the previously stored voice profile.


Cyberspace has become a breeding ground for hackers. You will be surprised to know that about 230,000 malware are created every day by cybercriminals. It is difficult to check so many malware and machine learning has helped in detecting this malware. Machine learning can deal with cybersecurity breaches and ensure that there is minimum damage caused due to the attack.

There will be more applications of machine learning in the future. Mining a huge volume of data and analyzing them is one of the greatest potentials of machine learning. As the world has become data-driven, we will soon need machine learning in every step of our lives.

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