Current Trends of Cloud Computing

Current Trends of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has exploded in the past few years and completely changed the business technology. Cloud computing is now embedded in various business operations like tech infrastructure management, remote working, application development, and more. Here are some top cloud computing trends that are worth looking at.

Edge computing

As the cloud keeps on growing, new technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are also being processed in the cloud. However, it is expected that localized processing will go towards the edge, that is, near the end-user to increase the speed of processing.

The distributed infrastructure of edge computing provides real-time access to data to the customers by having low latency. The detailed processing will still be done in the cloud. More companies will be interested in the cloud now because unlike before, you don’t have to solely depend on the cloud anymore. It is possible to move applications from the cloud to the edge when needed.


Security will be the focus of cloud computing. Before moving to cloud technology, companies will be thinking about the security aspect first. Companies won’t rely on third-party security solutions anymore; they will demand platform-native solutions for security. Many clouds provides might not have the in-house capability to provide the best security, so they will have to go for security acquisitions.


Cloud computing is no more about using a single infrastructure. A company can select an infrastructure or platform that is appropriate to deal with the current work. This year, companies won’t have a single cloud vendor; they will go for a hybrid or multi-cloud offerings.

Serverless computing

Serverless computing is popular this year. This uses the ‘pay as you go’ concept. It is a flexible and cost-effective option for companies. Using serverless computing, companies will be able to control their server-related costs.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing will be one of the major trends this year in cloud technology. Quantum computing will allow faster processing of information. Cloud computing will have a big role in increasing computational efficiency.

Network automation

There will be network automation with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will result in automated tasks, stronger cybersecurity, and increased networking space.

Digital natives

Those who are well versed with cloud computing and similar technologies will have more job demand. These people are called ‘digital natives’ and companies will be hiring them more. This will create two groups in the workplace; those who know about modern technology and those who are a little behind. The digital natives will be responsible for training those who are not that familiar with modern technology.

These trends will determine where cloud technology is heading in the future. If companies need to survive the huge competition, they need to adopt cloud computing and follow the trends. Cloud computing brings huge benefits to the company in terms of data management. With computing power increasing, companies will be able to generate more revenue eventually with the help of cloud computing.

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