Current Trends of Intelligent Apps

Current Trends of Intelligent Apps

Apps have made our life super convenient. There are apps for almost anything you can think of. Many people now use apps to purchase things or look for services. So, businesses are creating apps to give better customer service and increase their customer base.

Today, apps don’t just give static information. They collect information from user interaction and various devices, process them, and then provide the information users are looking for. They even adapt to the customers changing preferences and then suggest to the various products or services. These intelligent apps act as a virtual assistant, helping users to get what they want within a short time. Here are some current trends of intelligent apps that you should know about.

More apps

More intelligent apps will be developed as the number of users of the smartphone is increasing. According to GSMA, there are more than 3.5 billion people using a smartphone today. The app developers will come up with unique apps to fulfill the needs of these various users. The introduction of IoT is another factor that is driving the growth of intelligent apps. These apps can receive data from various devices now and provide users with better information and suggestion.

Application in the manufacturing industry

Intelligent apps have proved to be very useful in the manufacturing industry. These apps make use of operational data to make decisions. They can collect information about machines and equipment and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the data they gather. These apps will help to increase the productivity of the manufacturing plant.


As most people are now working from home due to the outbreak of COVID-19, it is now difficult to run any campaign, like social awareness campaign. Intelligent apps can now do this job. The ‘Arogya Setu’ app, introduced by the government of India, is an example of such an app. This app helps to create awareness about the virus in the country. 

Retail industry penetration

Intelligence apps have a huge impact on the retail industry. The e-commerce industry is booming and these apps help to analyze the various data the company is receiving through the Internet and mobile. The apps can help in processing orders, increasing the customer base, and also providing better customer service.

Use of advanced technology

Advanced technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, and data analysis are used in developing intelligent apps. These technologies make the apps more useful as they can understand the data they receive more clearly and also interpret them more accurately.

Billions of people will be soon downloading these intelligent apps in their smartphones to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Most companies will also be developing these apps to fulfill the needs of the customers and help them make better decisions. We can expect much smarter intelligent apps in the future.

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