Currents trends of Internet of Things (IoT)

Currents trends of Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making remarkable progress since the past few years. Last year has been exceptional as this technology achieved tremendous growth beyond expectations. IoT has entered both the consumer and industrial sectors. Other technologies like edge computing and 5G have made IoT more promising. Researchers are coming up with new ideas to make IoT more useful. Here we are going to talk about the current trends of IoT.


With IoT, devices are communicating with each other, and important data are being exchanged. As data is passed over the Internet, they are prone to attacks from cybercriminals. Currently, there are billions of IoT devices in the market. People are using IoT for home and office. It is necessary to protect the devices from hackers and that’s why one of the major focuses of research this year will be security. The technologists are thinking of incorporating the blockchain technology to ensure better security.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence

Lots of data are being collected and transmitted by IoT devices. To get real value from IoT technology, it is important to analyze these data and make use of it. People will be focusing on understanding how to analyze data. Artificial intelligence will play a big role here as it can help in analyzing data to make the process more efficient and more accurate. Artificial intelligence will help to make sense of the data so that humans can later make the data applicable to real-life use.

Digital twins

IoT has positively impacted the industrial sector. It has made manufacturing more efficient, at the same time reducing the risk. The concept of ‘digital twin’ technology will be used widely this year in the industrial sector which will help to show how the IoT devices are performing. This way the manufacturers can look at the life cycle of the machines and make changes if necessary beforehand. It will help the managers to make contingency plans.

Personalization of retail

IoT will help to enrich your retail experience. As more retail shops are adopting IoT, it will help the customers to do shopping more conveniently and help them make purchasing decisions quickly. For example, you will have a shop map which will help you to locate whatever you are looking for in a supermarket. There will be cashier-less stores, so you won’t have to stand in a queue to checkout. As soon as customers enter the store, they will see personalized offers to help them shop and make the experience more pleasant.

Improvement in healthcare

IoT will have a major impact on the healthcare sector. There will be apps that will help you find the doctors. Wearable devices will help the doctors check the patients easily. The healthcare service will be faster and better because of IoT.

IoT will make our lives smarter. That means we will be able to work productively, without wasting time and resources. Our lifestyle will also improve once we adopt this technology.

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