Detoxification – As the start

Detoxification – As the start

“As you sow, so shall you reap” is a saying known to us since our childhood. Today it means much more to our mind for we have understood its meaning with our heart. To get a good crop, the farmer sows the best quality seeds. Similarly, to stay in good health, we must ingest food quality food.

“Our thoughts depend on the food we eat in turn our actions depend on our thoughts.” This emphasizes the fact that clean though makes available more energy to perform appropriate actions. Similarly, a clean bowel enhances the uptake of the right nutrients in the right proportions when fed in at the right intervals. This announces the need to detoxify the body to promote wellbeing.

Detoxification can be effective when the cleaning of the pipeline happens without the addition of items that can choke it again. This may take more than a days’ time to empty to satisfaction. Hence there is a need to consume energy drinks made from natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs which assist in drainage of the intestine from the unwanted choking toxic products formed within it.

In this regimen, one should take in juices of fresh orange or other juicy fruits, initially in dilution with water. Alternatively, juices of vegetables like carrot, spinach, cucumber, beetroots, and tomatoes may be taken. If necessary, the bowels may be cleansed with a warm water enema. In certain conditions, even fresh juicy fruits may be eaten instead of juice fasting. It is good to take fresh juicy fruits/juices at 4-5-hour intervals, while on the regimen.

After a short juice fasting or all-fruit diet one may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of basic food groups; namely nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits as usual. This kind of cleansing regimen can be undertaken at intervals of 2-3 months depending on our own body requirements.


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