Does Fashion Influence Indian Culture

Does Fashion Influence Indian Culture

A recent study by students in a class 8th Indian Institute of Technology has showed that the choices of clothes they wear affect their confidence level. When a student looks at her clothes, she will be influenced by the clothes she wears, and this will affect her personality. The study shows that the student who chooses a formal dress for her graduation ceremony will be more confident than the other. But the person who opts for an informal dress will not be as confident. This is a study that proves that fashion influences every aspect of life and Indian culture too reflects this.

This has led to many researchers, scholars, historians and sociologists all over the world to look into this question and find out the answer. The results are quite obvious. It has been found that the students of Indian institute of technology who wear formal clothing choose the right kind of dress and are confident with it.

But this has been noticed only in one group of people who studied in an Indian institute. The results will surprise many of us. Many of us would say that we feel more confident wearing formal clothes when compared with informal ones. So, if formal and informal are the two things we think of when it comes to dressing up then it is obvious that our mind is shaped by these two things.

Does fashion also have an impact on our behavior? Some studies have been conducted to prove that there is a direct correlation between a person’s choice of clothing and their behavior. When students choose formal clothes, this causes them to be more formal and they end up behaving in a formal manner. However, when they go in for informal clothes, they become more comfortable with it.

If you were to search in your local library or browse through books in your bookstore about India or about Indian culture, you will find that there is no definitive answer to the question “Does fashion have an impact on Indian culture?” No one can prove this conclusively. All one can say is that people like the kind of dress that suits them. They like to wear something that makes them look beautiful. They feel more confident with it.

So, it is safe to conclude that Indian culture has a lot to do with fashion. the way a person dresses up. And if you want to know why a certain kind of dress makes a person more confident then you will have to see what Indian culture means to you. And that’s an interesting question!

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