Evolution of Cybersecurity

Evolution of Cybersecurity

Imagine you have a successful business operating in different counties. Every day you have to deal with thousands of data about customers, suppliers, financial matters, and more. Suddenly, you and the other staff in your company fail to access company data due to a cyber-attack. Now, what will be the consequence? As most business transactions take place electronically and important data is also stored in computers, you will lose money by the second and may end up losing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Cybersecurity is very crucial in today’s digital age. To understand more about it, you need to know how it evolved.

The concept of cyber-crime was first heard in the 1970s. Bob Thomas, an engineer at Bob Technologies created a program that was capable of moving from one computer to another if connected by ARPANET. He had no malicious intention of creating it. He only wanted to test whether his message could reach computers that were connected by the network. It was later called the ‘creeper’ worm and known as the first computer virus ever created.

In 1989, there was a denial-of-service (DoS) attack called the Morris Worm that affected about 6,000 computers that were connected to the internet. The virus slowed down the computer every time it attacked and eventually causing the computer to crash as it could attack multiple times.

In the 90s people became more cautious about the cyber-attacks and the cybersecurity industry started growing. The CERTs were the first players and they had a defensive approach. They could only respond to the viruses, but couldn’t act beforehand to prevent its attack. As the use of the Internet became prevalent, the risks of cyber-attacks increased. Antivirus software was developed to protect computers from the malicious attacks of the virus.

Since 2014, people have been experiencing more organized attacks from cybercriminals. Ransomware, phishing, man-in-the-middle, and other kinds of attacks are now prominent which affect a lot of businesses. This demands more creative solutions to deal with these attacks and also prevent them in the first place. One of the worst crimes to take place recently was hacking the credit card details of millions of customers from a point-of-sale system of Target. WannaCry ransomware was another attack that severely affected the National Health Service.

As technology is advancing, cybersecurity is getting more sophisticated from both ends. The cybercriminals are adopting more advanced techniques to attack computers and the cybersecurity companies are also trying to find out better solutions to tackle them. The adoption of cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and IoT means that we are inviting more cyber-attacks in the future.  Prevention is the best strategy, so it is always better to be equipped with the latest anti-virus software and cybersecurity measures so that your business and personal information remain safe from the malicious attacks of the cybercriminals or hackers.

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