Future of Cloud Computing

Future of Cloud Computing

The world cloud computing market is expected to grow more rapidly in the future. It is estimated that about 80% of the organizations will be adopting cloud technology by 2025. Cloud computing has become a multi-billion dollar industry and its future looks extremely promising. Here we are going to discuss it.

Enhanced storage capacity

Data is being generated every day at an exponential speed. Companies are often struggling to keep the huge volume of data securely in some places. Cloud computing has provided these companies with the space they need. However, the current capacity of storage may not be enough. Cloud providers will give more storage capacities at a low cost so that companies can easily store their large volumes of data.

Open source development

Big data is creating the need to have open source development. Open source will let users access the data in the cloud easily. Businesses won’t get into monopoly once there is open source development. It will also reduce costs and risks.

Digital infrastructure

It is expected that the world population will reach 10 billion by 2050. Various advanced digital solutions will be required to manage such a huge population. With artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other advanced technologies, we are moving towards building a smart city.

In the future, the cloud will give the digital infrastructure that will be required to manage the smart city. In a smart city, devices will be interacting with other devices and generating lots of data. The digital infrastructure will provide the platform to store, process, and manage this huge volume of data.

Democratized education

Coursera, a cloud-based education platform, allows students to do classes from any place. A similar platform will become widespread in the future. The quality of education in the developing countries is not very good and students often come to study in the developed nations. Many students don’t get a visa to come to a foreign country.

The cost of education is also high in developed nations. The cloud-based education platforms will enable students in the developing nation to study from their home. As it will be online learning, the cost of education will also be less as the student won’t need to pay for the air ticket, accommodation, and food. Cloud computing will have a huge positive impact on the education sector in the future.  

Digital nomads

Cloud computing has made it possible for people to work from any remote location. In the future, more people will be interested in working from home or any remote place. These people are referred to as ‘digital nomads’. Working remotely will be the new trend in the future and it will be possible because of the advancement of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is expected to get stronger with time. More advanced technologies will be integrated with cloud computing, thus expanding its applications in business.

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