Future Of Cyber Security

Future Of Cyber Security

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, the importance of cybersecurity couldn’t be stressed more. There has been an increase of nearly 30% increase in the number of attacks recently and every year the cybersecurity budget is being increased to come up with new cybersecurity techniques tackle the situation. Over the years technology has improved to defend these attacks, but at the same time, the hackers got smarter with the new technology.

We have now become too dependent on technology, not only for work but also for our day-to-day personal tasks. This has created a larger platform for hackers to attack. In the future, technology will prevail our lives more and we have to be ready for the more sophisticated cyber-attacks as well. That’s why it is important to know the future of cybersecurity so that you can be well prepared for what has to come.

Law enforcement

Nowadays we hear a lot about hacking social profiles and other personal information. These actions had severe consequences and often caused physical harm to people. Unfortunately, like other criminal activities, there is no law enforcement protecting us from cybercrimes. In places like New York and Atlanta, law enforcement is working to protect people from these crimes, but it is not that prevalent in other parts of the world. In the future, we should expect it possible to dial 911 if we become a victim of any cybercrime and get help straight away.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are now used to automate tasks, make quick decisions, and a lot of other things. However, AI creates cybersecurity risks and those companies that depend on machine learning for critical tasks are the major target of hackers. In the future, the cybersecurity experts will use AI as a cybersecurity technique to predict potential risks from hackers and use machine learning to deal with it.


If a nation declares war against another nation, then it will first try to hack the major systems of the country. This isn’t anything new. In 2010, a worm was inserted in the Iranian Uranium centrifuge computers which led to the failure of important equipment. In 2017 also, many American companies were under threat from the Russian-backed hacking group Sandworm.

In the future, cyber warfare will become more prominent. We have seen the big nations using cyber warfare; but now the smaller nations will also use this technique, especially if they have a lack of resources to take part in the traditional war.

More hackers

More people are now finding interest in technology and they are getting higher degrees in this field. However, there is still a huge employment gap in the industry. This is forcing many talented individuals to take the wrong path to become hackers. So, we can expect more intelligent hackers in the future.

Developing cybersecurity experts

The cybersecurity industry is growing due to the increased threat of cyber-attacks. More companies are now becoming serious about protecting their crucial information. So, they are investing more in cybersecurity. This means that the demand for cybersecurity experts will increase.

These are some of the predictions made regarding cybersecurity after observing the recent events in this sector. One thing is clear that cyber threats will not diminish. Unlike the past, we have to be proactive instead of being reactive to protect ourselves from the complex cyber threats.

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