Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Future of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is limitless. It’s spreading across the consumer and industrial markets very fast. People are realizing their potential and grabbing the opportunity to improve the way they do things.

Who knew before that cows moved differently before they are fertile? Researchers placed a sensor on the cow’s body that recorded its motion at different times and that’s how they found out. Today we have a smart refrigerator at home that can remind you about the stock of your grocery and prepare a shopping list by itself. The researchers are exploring this field and trying to make the most use of this technology. Let’s look at the future of IoT and see where it might take us.

Who has a smart refrigerator or a toaster at home? Not many yet. In the coming years, more people will be buying these smart devices for their homes. These devices will be working independently and run your houseful without the need for you to interrupt. There will be bots that will perform specific tasks, like vacuuming the room. Because of artificial intelligence, the bots will be able to perform difficult tasks like accounting as well; so you won’t have to worry about managing the monthly expense of maintaining a home anymore.  

IoT has found its way not only in your house but also in your car, road, and everywhere around you. This indicates that we are on the way to having a smart city in the future. San Diego has recently installed about 3,000 lamps on the street that lights up whenever a vehicle or pedestrian comes near. As a result, energy consumption has reduced significantly. In the future, IoT technology will help us to know when roads need maintenance, how will increased temperature or rain affect road conditions and many other things.

Traffic is another area in which IoT technology can improve significantly. Traffic congestion is a big problem for many cities. Smart sensors, for example, can note down the plate number of cars violating the speed limit and send penalty notice in their home right away. It will be also possible to locate an empty parking spot in a shopping mall, for example, without the need for going round and round to look for one. IoT will make our city safer. With the introduction of face recognition and biometric systems at home and office, intruders won’t be allowed on the premises.

Driverless cars will become common on the road. Tesla S now gives you an autonomous driving experience. In the future, the other car manufacturers will also come up with this model. According to Cisco, there will be 85% fewer collisions with driverless cars. The traffic congestion will also be minimized as the cars will know which road to follow and which one to avoid due to traffic.

The change in the office environment will be huge because of IoT technology. There will be smart devices to make works easy and more efficient. By interacting with smart devices, the productivity of the employees will increase.

Life will become much easier and stress-free with the development of IoT technology. We will be comfortable at the home, office, and on the road. Businesses will become more productive and the overall living standard will be much better. We will be able to save energy and protect the environment as well with the help of IoT technology.  

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