•         2 cups of rice
  •         2 onions
  •         2 sticks cinnamon
  •         2 cloves
  •         3 cloves crushed garlic
  •         6 tsp. sugar or jaggery
  •         2 tbsp. pure ghee
  •         ½ tsp. salt
  •         2 tsp. fennel seeds (saunf)

How to Make Laafsee (Sweet Rice)

  •         Chop onions, heat ghee, fry onions, for a little while. Add cinnamon, cloves, crushed garlic, fry for some more time, add rice, salt and 3 cups of water, and cook the rice.
  •         Cook sugar or jaggery in 1 tbsp. water till sugar/jaggery dissolves, brown it on a high flame and mix into the rice, while it is still cooking.
  •         Finally, temper the rice with the saunf and serve hot.


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