Open your Eyes To Reality

Open your Eyes To Reality

Never before has the average man and woman been fed so well and yet is so poorly nourished. The progress of civilization has led to an increasing concentration of the population. Therefore, man has lost the connection with nature and its rich beautiful bounty. Innumerable time assuring, reserved, refrigerated, chemically processed food items are being promoted with all vigor for merely making them commercialized. Such food can never substitute wholesome and natural foods because these packaged foods are otherwise nothing but foodless food.

That diet plays a major role in correcting very many diseases and disorders are not unknown to us today, It was primarily through appropriate selection of natural foods such as fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and special protective foods like milk, curd, and honey that our ancestors could stay fit and healthy.

You need to understand that your body is made up of cells, each one having its own lifespan, old cells die and get replaced with the new ones; the new cells that get generated are quite often with some imperfection causing aging in humans and animals at large. This imperfection aggravates due to the number of free radicals that get produced in the body due to wrong eating habits daily. The aging of cells may get accelerated with the consumption of unhealthy food, smoking, and drinking, this brings us to the brink of illness. Each time we choose to pop in something that is sugar-laden or processed we invite to ourselves a serious risk of cancer, heart ailment, or diabetes.

Is this not alarming?

It is alarming because you obviously care for your Family and Yourself.

This alarm only makes me think that all the progress and science revolution has made you a slave of commercialization. If you feel that a human mind is intelligent, you must change the way you think for sure. You must adopt the eating habits of our ancestors who, though were not well educated were smart learners, you must go back to eat health from nature. Fresh fruit and vegetable must make a large portion of your meals for they are power-packed with nutrients that help your body from ailments and restore health, if unwell.

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