Science and Health

Science and Health

It has been known for some time that vitamins have properties that benefit the human body, Beta – carotene prevents night blindness, vitamin C fights hemorrhage and bad teeth, folic acid helps protect against cervical dysplasia. These vital nutrients are most beneficially found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A great way of consuming essential vitamins and minerals is to have blends of fruits and vegetables.

In the blended form, the nutrients contained in fruits & vegetables get into the bloodstream faster, without having the digestive system to break down the cellulose and fiber holding them captive. Blends can therefore be considered effective for getting the maximum good in the body from the foods consumed.

Another advantage is that it allows you to replenish nutrients during the day without sitting down to eat a complete meal. Fruits and Vegetable blends have no cholesterol, are virtually fat-free, and manage to be refreshing and sustaining at the same time.

A few glasses of juices during the day allow you to help balance the body’s vitamin & minerals gradually, absorbing more, eliminating less. Because one must not forget that even when we eat healthy foods, our digestive system does not always break them down enough to release the full spectrum of nutrients they contain.

Research suggests that less than optimal nutrition in the body causes the premature death of cells. Help mixtures help in the circulation of the nutrients in the right frequency and efficiently. Studies have pointed out the possibility of reducing the risk of cancers, heart diseases, nerve damage, stroke, muscular degeneration of the eyes in the elderly by regular intake of Nutrition.

Freshly made using appropriate ingredients to balance nutrient intake, can be more beneficial than nutritional supplements. Nevertheless; under-ripe fruits, soggy vegetables, over-the-hill produce, in general, would have lost a good part of its beneficial properties, and no amount of juice squeezed from its exhausted fibers will help redress the needs of the body.

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