Top Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch For

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch For

Over the past decade, we have seen various types of artificial intelligence. Giant companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook, and others are investing a lot of time and money on research and development of AI. Here we will discuss some of the top AI trends you can expect this year.

Healthcare sector

There will be extensive use of AI in the healthcare sector. AI can help to deliver better service to the patients, at the same time, make the works of the health professionals easier. When a patient gets admitted to a hospital, the health professionals need to gather a lot of data from the previous hospital the patient had visited and diagnostic centers as well. They then need to analyze the data to decide what kind of treatment should be given to the patient. AI can help to collect and process these data quickly and also provide decisions that are not very complicated.


When manufacturing products, quality assurance specialists must check every product for any kind of defect before delivering it to the market. This is a very tedious job and takes a lot of time, especially when the production is huge. AI will be implemented in the workflow so that the machine can check for faults and report it accordingly. This way, the result will be faster and more accurate as well.

Discovery of drug

Discovering a new drug takes years of research. Researchers from many places come together and try to find a new drug to prevent or get rid of a certain disease. It requires cell counting, clinical trial, and then approval from the FDA. This entire process can be made faster by using AI. It can be used in data gathering and experimentation.

More devices with AI

We can expect more AI-powered gadgets, tools, and devices in the market. These devices will learn and think by themselves and make our lives easier. So, many devices that we use in our home, office, or even vehicles will become AI-powered.


We will see more use of AI technology in the entertainment industry. It will be used widely to create films, music, videos, and even games. When playing the latest games, you will have opponents that are similar to humans and it will become more challenging and fun to defeat them.


As hacking and phishing are on the rise, the cybersecurity of a workplace or home is of great concern. The cybersecurity professionals will be using AI to detect possible threats and also prevent any damage due to the attack from hackers. So, AI will be vastly used to deal with more sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Facial recognition

If you use Facebook, you must have noticed that it uses facial recognition to recognize you and your friends in a picture. The use of facial recognition for security and other purposes will increase this year.

You will see a lot of AI-enabled devices and different types of artificial intelligence this year. It will bring in a huge improvement in various industries and make processes faster and more accurate as well.

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