VR and AR Trends to Watch This Year

VR and AR Trends to Watch This Year

The technology industry goes through lots of changes every year. The pace at which innovations take place in this industry is praiseworthy. However, some innovations remain a fad; whereas, others make a strong ground. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have given modern technology a new edge. These technologies are here to stay for exploring many unattended fields of this industry.

Researchers have been working on these technologies for years now and recently they have successfully found many real-life applications of these technologies. Here we are going to discuss the latest VR and AR trends.

Enhanced experience with artificial intelligence

You will notice the addition of smart functionalities in the VR and AR apps. Computer vision will be something the researchers will work on. This allows computers to view things through cameras and comprehend what they see.

Now machine learning will be included with computer vision. Google’s microscope is a promising device that includes artificial intelligence along with AR. It will help to identify cancerous cells from many cell samples. VR in combination with artificial intelligence will bring great changes in the gaming world. The opponents will become stronger and smarter, so players will have a tough time defeating them. This will enhance the entire gaming experience.

Education and training

VR and AR can have a great impact on the education sector. These technologies can be used as teaching tools to understand things better. VR will allow doctors to practice surgery in a virtual world. This will make them experienced so that they can do surgeries more comfortably in real settings. VR can also be used in the construction industry which will help construction workers to do their job perfectly.

AR can help in training. Walmart has recently announced using thousands of Oculus headsets to train their employees on various works like customer service, quality assurance, and others. The U.S Army will be using HoloLens for their training. Including VR and AR in training programs can reduce the cost of training. The participants can also get trained in a risk-free environment.

Potential of 5G

5G is very powerful and has a data transfer speed of 3 gigabits per second. It is very fast and can easily stream VR and AR data, which was not possible before due to a lack of enough bandwidth. You won’t need to be connected to a powerful PC for the VR and AR experience. 5G will make VR and AR available in any device. Customers will get a better VR and AR experience.

Retail solution

VR and AR will transform our shopping experinece. Customers now expect AR experience in shops. Many shops have fitting rooms equipped with AR that lets the customers try out the product in an AR environment. There are smart mirrors that will allow you to see how you will look wearing a particular brand. IKEA has an AR app that lets the customers see how IKEA furniture will look in their home. There will be a virtual assistant to guide the shoppers and provide them a better experience.

VR and AR will be shaping different industries in the future. These technologies will provide better customer experience and also help businesses to make their works more sophisticated and convenient.

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